Kieran Delaney – Starting out

Kieran Delaney – Starting out

Kieran Delaney is an upcoming photographer, recently out of education and finding his place within the photography world. He has been featured on TBI previously, however this time we catch up with him to talk about his personal work, his equipment and opinions around photography.

Kieran is that of the belief that although it can be useful, you do not need traditional education to fulfill your photography career. “Over the past two years, I have studied photography at A-level. Studying did help me with certain skills, such as being an independent photographer, choosing a project and going at it without guidance from others. However, if I’m being honest, to become a professional photographer, studying it, is not that necessary. I taught myself how to use a camera, how to shoot on manual, controlling shutter speed, aperture and ISO. This process was all about practice, practice, and more practice!”

Not one to shy away from hard work, he believes that practice is the only way forward. A concept in which he is always applying to his own work. He gives us a perfect example of his trial and error approach whilst capturing the night sky. “Every setting on my camera was set perfectly, except from the ISO. This one setting completely ruined my image. The following night I went out and experimented with ISO, and after one or two shots I got the perfect image.” Which brings us full circle as to whether a formal education is needed. “I guess it really depends how keen you are! If you need help or training, there are many resources out there for you, but if not, self-teaching is always an option, and the option I primarily took!”


Shooting on his Nikon D5500, he captures everything from abandoned buildings to delicate portraiture and everything in between. As a Nikon fan through and through, he believes they are the best tool for the job.  “I have always shot on a Nikon. My first ever camera was a Nikon D3200, a brilliant camera for beginners. I then decided to upgrade to the Nikon D5500 as this camera allowed me to experiment with more advanced photography. It also has useful features, such as a 360 rotating touch screen, and built in Wi-Fi, allowing me to quickly transfer images from my camera to my phone or iPad!”

Along with his trusted Nikon, he takes various pieces of equipment, allowing him to be ready for any conditions. “I take my camera with all three lenses; the 18-55mm is a general lens that is always on my camera. The 55-200mm is the lens I’d use if my subject was at a great distance from me. The 35mm is a lens I use to challenge myself, or if my subject is in a dark environment.” 

The 35mm is his favourite to shoot with. It forces him to move around a location in order to capture the perfect shot. The large aperture is, of course, a plus too, meaning he can still shoot in low light. As well as a camera and lenses, I carry my gorilla pod – a mini tripod that is small enough to carry and very strong for its size. In general, I simply recommend a camera, with a variety of lenses, to allow you to make the most of your shoot!

For those of you who are starting out, here is Kieran’s simple advice. “Just get out there! Use anything that has a camera. It doesn’t matter what camera it is, or how many megapixels. The photographer is what makes the image good, not the camera! Explore the different types of photos that you can take and see which one suits you, and just keep practicing!”

In true TBI fashion, we asked Kieran to recommend one person for us to watch out for. His response? Miles Halley. “Miles is a student in his second year of A-levels, studying photography. At just 17 years old, his work is absolutely incredible! He is committed, hard working, and in years to come I can see him being a very successful photographer!” His work can be found on Instagram.

If you would like to check out Kieran’s work, go to his Instagram.


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