Editor’s Picks of the Month: June

Editor’s Picks of the Month: June

Everyone likes to know what others think of everything, we often find our self basing most of our own decisions of products or events on peoples previous reviews. Which is why monthly favourites have become such a successful series of posts for YouTubers, bloggers and magazines to do. So from now on, expect to see the Editor’s Picks of the Month as a regular feature, where I will be reviewing my favourites of every month from magazines to exhibitions to music to TV to everything in between. Here are June’s favourites, with a few extras added in from May.


Saatchi – From Selfie to self-expression exhibition.

Focusing on the evolution of the #selfie, the “From Selfie to Self-Expression” exhibition showcased a range of work from artists Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo to an Indonesian macaque monkey to the selfies of Kim Kardashian. Who thought you’d ever see those all in the same room? With a mixture of photography, painting, sculpture and interactive pieces, there was something for us all to enjoy. Unfortunately the exhibition has since closed, but this was definitely one of the highlights of the month for me. You’ll be able to see snippets of the exhibition in this video!



MCM Comic Con

Again, MCM was technically in May, but I didn’t get chance to talk about it, so here it is! After three or so years trying to get to a Comic Con, and being stopped by illness, university and work commitments, I finally managed to get to my first one.  It was everything I expected, the cosplay, the artists, the food, the YouTube area, the Q&A’s, the Gala and more than anything, the community. It was just so lovely to see everyone being pleasant to each other and accepting each other for who they were. Also, some of the costumes were incredible.




Love, Nina

Love, Nina is a BBC series adapted by Nick Hornby from the book Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life. It depicts the life of twenty year old Nina Stibbe, who moved from Leicester to Primrose Hill, to work as the nanny of two young boys. Set in 1982, it gives the viewer a hint of what life was like back in early ’80s gentrified Camden. The lead, played by Faye Marsay, reminds us of her roots by reading short passages from Nina’s letters home, which narrate the following scenes. George, the single mother, who is played by the one and only Helena Bonham Carter, is the perfect actress to compliment Marsay. Nina’s awkward and quirky nature is one that is quite endearing; her bare feet, her failed attempts at socialising,  and her “is it on or is it off?” relationship with Nunney that is so reminiscent of relationships past. S. J.Clarkson, the director, includes subtle moments, for example, when Nina looks straight into the camera at the end of each episode, as if to sign of each letter. First aired in 2016, it is now available to watch on Netflix, and with only five short episodes to watch makes a lovely afternoon. Although it has received mixed reviews, I loved it.


Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack

Evan Hansen has social anxiety disorder. Connor Murphy is a boy in Hansen’s school who commits suicide. Connor’s death sends Evan into a whirlwind of lies and turmoil when he fabricates a friendship between the two of them, including letters they ‘sent’ to each other. The show follows Evan’s story, as his lies become amplified by social media and he becomes closer to Connor’s family. After being on Broadway for around six months now, the show has gained critical acclaim, and this month claimed Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Featured Role, and Best Orchestration, just to name a few.

Now, as I live in the UK, and have very little money, I can’t afford to go watch this Broadway show, however Spotify and YouTube are things that exist. The full soundtrack is one of two playlists I have listened to on repeat this month. It is beautiful, with comedic parts, highs, lows, and so many meaningful lyrics that pull at your heartstrings. My favourite tracks include Sincerely, Me, You Will Be Found, Good For You and Rachel Bay Jones’ stunning solo So Big/So Small.

LMM spotify playlists – London

Lin-Manuel Miranda, a musical and writing genius, who provided the world with such things as In The Heights, Hamilton and Moana, now provides us all with wonderful Spotify playlists. These playlists are narrated by what is happening in his life. Therefore, whilst he was in London filming Mary Poppins, he felt the need to provide us with two London inspired playlists, “I’m in LONDONNNNNN” and “London vol. 2, with love.” It is a perfect mix of old and new, rock and theatre, rap and pop, all inspired by UK acts, and great for when you don’t know what you want to listen too.



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