Welcome to the journey.

Welcome to the journey.

As a post-grad I found myself lost as I tried to get a job in the real world. I graduated in fashion design in June 2016 and spent the next six months applying for hundreds of jobs, with all but one being unsuccessful. The only job I managed to secure was an unpaid internship which as a student can be a great opportunity. But when you have bills to pay and none of that student loan income, it can take its toll on you. This isn’t to say I hadn’t given it a fair shot. I had spent two years working different internships, as well as working in a bar part time and attending university full time. Unfortunately, we live in a society where creative individuals; particularly when you are starting out, are often expected to work for free, to prove their worth. Internships give you knowledge and experience a classroom cannot. However, there is a line between giving someone an opportunity and taking advantage. I can only speak of my experience, but I found myself losing all of my drive to succeed, whilst making cups of tea and working long hours without a break. Maybe that was just the industry I chose, but I wasn’t gaining anything from it. Everything I had worked for wasn’t worth it anymore, with all the fun drained out of what I used to love. I was well and truly in a rut.

I took some time out to figure out what path I wanted to take; a moment to take a breath, clear my mind and find my focus. I spent a number of months consuming media rather than creating it, reading blogs and books, watching films and videos. I came across many great creators, from authors to filmmakers to artists to musicians to entrepreneurs and everything in between. I moved out of the London area, and ventured back home in the north. I allowed myself to be inspired again which eventually resulted in an idea. I wanted to create a magazine that showcases all these incredible creative individuals that surround us, some we already know, and others we don’t. There is something very powerful about watching others go out and create their own paths and these were the people that inspired me to want to create again.

To Be Inspired is a magazine for anyone who is looking for the motivation to create what they most desire from life; whether that be someone who needs a change in career, a post-grad or someone who just wants to try something new. It doesn’t just stop there as a magazine though. People are inspired in different ways, whether it be reading a book, listening to music or watching a documentary. Therefore, not only do I hope for this to be in website and magazine form, but also documentaries, songs, poems, and anything else we can think of. Who knows where this could take us, I hope you enjoy the journey along with me!


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