One Sunday evening last year I stumbled upon an account of fashion illustrations that caught my eye immediately – the account of fashion illustrator and MA fashion design student Kayleigh Hilde. Her work has the perfect mixture of continuous line, use of colour, texture and empty space; an aesthetic she is constantly developing… read more.




Market traders all have one goal in mind. Whether it be handmade scarves, artwork, produce or clothes; they spend their days creating and selling a product for others to enjoy. From the cockney traders at Columbia Road Flower Market, to the arts and crafts sellers during the summer, each trader has a story to be documented. Miles Halley decided to do this at the most recent market to grace York with it’s presence, the St. Nicholas Christmas Fair… read more.




Discovering that you have an eye for photography opens you up to a whole new way of experiencing the world. You notice the parts that most people don’t, you find the hidden spots of beauty in the mundane and you capture those precious moments of life. For Kieran Delaney, this is his passion… read more.




Whether she’s reciting The Schuyler Sisters at 3 in the morning, or seeing unknown plays, theatre is in the core of this girls being. Olivia Girling, graduate and self-proclaimed theatre nerd, has released her first issue of Finale, all about – you guessed it – theatre… read more.




Whether it’s the characters Zak and Jen introducing children into the world of reading and adventure, or the prints and originals he sells to his loyal following, he is one to watch. His ever increasing portfolio shows that Chris Rivers is truly going from strength to strength… read more.




From greeting cards to kitchen textiles, to wallpaper prints and outdoor furniture, Jessica Hogarth is an exquisite surface pattern designer of many products; founded by a love of her small and picturesque North Yorkshire fishing village… read more.